Growlers Anyone?

The first time I saw a growler was at my best friend's house.  I fell in love with it and had to have one (which I'm still waiting on Cienna!)  It's from a store called in.gredients.  From there I learned of the growler craze that was sweeping the hipster nation.  The ability to bring home your favorite bevy from supplied from your favorite bar, genius!  Being a Pabst girl I wasn't interested in the growlers contents, but more for the growlers aesthetic.

Recently my boyfriend and I moved to Minneapolis, a city of microbreweries and growler sympathizers!  You can read all about the movement here: 

The perfect city to support my new project of decorating the kitchen with these dark beauties.

(I love the pairing of the growler and antiques)

 (The one that started it all)

(All in a row)

(A bit extreme, but I'm sure it works somewhere.)

 (A local brewery in these parts, and my favorite growler thus far!)

Hopefully I can think of a clever way to decorate the kitchen, if so, I'll post them!

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