Green Thumb, Marimo Style!

I'm not one for living plants indoors but my boyfriend in the grand tradition of living together we compromised.  They are called Marimo and they have a huge following.  They're a great way to add some green around the place, bring good luck, and they make great pets too. 

French Decadence as Spring Inspiration

The ladies of Versailles provide inspiration for Spring windows! Below are photos of Zara's windows and you can definetly see the Marie Antoinette influence with their hair/wigs and make-up.

Gumdrop Nailbeds

Spring colors for nails are taking inspiration from jelly beans and Juju B's!  Face Stockholm Nailpolish has released some killer shades for J. Crew:

Absinthe Minded
Spiked Punch

Cardinal Rule
Electric Feel

SXSW 2012 Packaging

Throughout the week I tried to take pics of some great (and not so great) packaging ideas.  Sometimes I remembered, and a lot of the times I forgot.  Below are the survivors:

I thought this was adorable, but sometimes I found it hard to swallow.  I'm not a fan of milk and the carton played a mind trick on me.  Imagine expecting milk, but once the liquid hit your mouth it was water.  Yeah,  I thought about that each time I took a drink.  Eventually as the week went by I though about it less and less.  Great packaging and good for the environment?  What do you think?

At the Rachael Ray Greenhouse party there was an exceptional amount of Patron in various forms.  My favorite were the Coconut Patron Popsicles.  I don't know the exact name/recipe but when I do I'll be sure to post.  The great packaging idea comes in the popsicles, each stick has a different saying.

And the Eyesore Packaging of SXSW 2012 goes to Doritos!!!!  A gigantic stage erected to resemble a Doritos vending machine....  You could see it miles away.  Tacky yes, but effective...yeah, it got the job done.

Kate Spade @ SXSW 2012

Mixed among the hundreds of tour buses I managed to find the one that attracted the most ladies.   Instead of having skinny boys in whiskey soaked jeans this, one had air conditioning and the Spring must haves from Kate Spade.  The black and white paisley bus was apart of Kate Spade's Battle of the Bands where one lucky band got the chance to open for the Vivian Girls.  I missed the music but caught a great pair of earrings!

A Voyage in Bowler

                                Thanks to Thom  Yorke, the Bowler is getting a second chance!

Zombies are the latest thing!

My latest obsession is The Walking Dead.  With only two episodes left in Season 2 my obsession is only growing!  I've delved into the comics, the amc tv sync option, and any article that gives me a hint at the next weeks episode.  But, the number one reason I watch....

Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on the show.

He's really come into his own in Season 2 and has a great sense of style.  Check out his tumblr.

The Countdown Begins

My bestie and i are making our yearly pilgrimage to SXSW in beautiful Austin,TX!!!  The line up is looking amazing and the parties are abundant!

My top three are:                               Kasabian (but I hear Tom has laryngitis)

Sleigh Bells

and a so so rapper called JAY-Z!!!!!!!

Seeing Red!

What's the  latest "trend"?  KONY 2012!!! No idea what I'm talking about?  Visit this link, watch the 27 minute video and decided for yourself how you will take part.  But with anything always get both sides of the story.

Denim so bright, you've gotta wear shades!

Seeing how for the past 3 months neon colors have taken over the denim game, it's only somewhat logical that I investigate.  I found these by Rag and Bone and have fallen in love with the pink.  At $187 a pop, these neon leggings seem like a great fit and a good(ish) investment (and by ish I mean you could use $187 on other bills).  

To do my part in the trend, I opted for a pair of J. Crew 3" chino shorts in Neon Pink.