Please Let This Be Real!!!!!

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this photo: It isn't her. Is it her! If so how did it get out? Who is she hanging out with? YADA YADA YADA.

My fingers are crossed that it is her, thank you to whomever leaked it, and can this please be put on a shirt for me (pref an American Apparel raglan).  


I'm in Minnesota right now and I thinking about how I went through several lotions trying to keep my skin hydrated!  Through the tedious journey of -2 weather I ended up finding my saviors!

Chord Envy!

I never thought I would be one of those people who carried a phone charger with me.  I went from "f*uck it, it's dead" to "F*CK IT'S DEAD!!!!!".  Now it's a constant fixture in my purse, real talk I use it more than my brush!  The problem is that the constant bending of the cord is killing it...and me!  One of my many trips to Madewell solved this problem, and the solution came in pink! Eastern Collective has a pretty amazing collection and saved me from making small talk with a stranger in order to syphon some battery power!