Fall Fringe!

With Fall on the horizon, some states closer than others, it is time to retire the headband and cover the forehead!  I love bangs and they truly are a seasonal accessory, especially if you live in Texas.  I look to style icon Francoise Hardy for fringe inspiration.  Whether it was side swept or swept down she always looked fabulous!

An end of an era

Thank you for everything!  You will be missed.

Vinyl is not dead...just discounted!

I ventured to Urban Outfitters the other day and let me tell ya...they had some amazing records for $10.  Naturally I stacked up on them.

Excuse me...you have something in your hair.

With the holidays fast approaching, I was looking for a new hairstyle for the one or two parties I might crash.  I'm feeling the giraffe:  

September Vogue pays homage to Kate Moss

I'm not a compulsive Vogue reader, but I will be picking up the September issue. Kate gives hope to all those girls who dream of marrying a rockstar.  It took going through a couple of them...but she finally landed one.  Good job Kate, aim high!

(on a side note...where are the rest of her daughters fingers? Photoshop accident?)

Man of the day!

I love men so much, that I've decided to start a man of the day post!  Who better to start it off than the legendary Keith Moon.  Lover of cats, comedy, and chaos, he could've been my better half!

*kidding Dennis!*

J. Crew Fall 2011 Look Book Has Arrived!!!!

While it's still 103 degrees everyday here in Texas, it's fall in fashion.  The J. Crew Fall Look Book has dropped onto the scene like the leaves of a tree for the aforementioned season...but in Texas it's because of the heat!  Enjoy!
*Men's to follow shortly*