Is it really on with Alexa Chung?

So unless you're completely out of the hipster loop, or you could really give two sugars, Alexa Chung's Madewell collaboration "falls" into stores this September.  Alexa Chung, loved by some for her fashion sense and looks, hated by many for her total package of a life (i.e. her Artic beaufriend).  I've visited various blogs and it's been a constant battle of "who wants to dress like a 5 year old" to "I've always wondered what would go with that chambray shirt".  I'm a Madewell  fan, and from what I'm seeing from the website there are a couple of pieces I could see myself in...but also a couple I could see nobody in.  The line hits stores Sept. 11th.  If you live in Dallas feel free to catch the grand launch at Northpark Mall's Madewell from 9am -10am.  An insider said there'll be tea and biscuits, that's reason enough for me to go.

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